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Executive Compensation
Global Compensation & Benefit Management

Compensation systems of national and international top-executives

Governance of compensation decisions, compensation systems, disclosure of compensation

Global programs in compensation, share-based participation, benefits, and the mobility of international talent and executives

Specific exptertise for addressing operative or strategic issues and designing solutions

  • Designing global compensation, incentive, equity-based participation, mobility, and benefit systems and programs
  • Analyzing and evaluating current systems and programs
  • Governance and disclosure
  • Regulatory framework and compliance
  • Developing solutions for international executives
  • Building trust of employees and other target audiences
  • Supporting executives

Information with regard to the use of the masculine form of words:
For the sake of simplicity and legibility only the masculine form of words is used troughout the pages of this site. However, such words in the masculine form refer equally to the feminine form as appropriate.

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