Board and Executive Compensation

Compensation systems for members of the executive management and the board of directors
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Board and Executive Compensation

My specialisms

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I define executive compensation as compensation for members of an executive committee. Board compensation is compensation for members of the board of directors. Various terms are used to denote the bodies responsible for the management of a company, because the legal provisions and structures of corporate governance in countries vary.

Compensation for these target groups is one of my core areas of expertise. I provide support for boards of directors and management teams at small and large, local and international companies. My proficiency in this field is based on long-standing experience in corporate compensation management and consulting activities.

For compensation or market comparisons, I use your data or acquire data from third parties – I do not collect data for comparative purposes myselves. I provide added value in the form of assessments that evaluate quality, relevance and the suitability of data. I may prepare comparison studies for listed companies whose data is publicly available.

The work I perform in this field is closely interlinked with my expertise in corporate governance. Please read the description in the Governance section for more information.
  • Analyze the compensation systems and structures for the members of the executive committee
  • Align the compensation strategy with the business strategy
  • Assess specific, individual compensation situations, e.g. compensation with reference to other markets
  • Change, or redesign the compensation system for executives
  • Prepare the communication on compensation to members of the executive committee or the board of directors
  • Define and implement requirements of corporate governance, regulations, investors, proxy advisors
  • Prepare strategically the disclosure of compensation in the annual report and carry out the task