Pension, insurance, and fringe benefits

Retirement and insurance benefits, as well as other benefits in kind or cash in both national and international contexts
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Pension, insurance, and fringe benefits

My specialisms

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Generally speaking, company pension plans, insurance schemes, monetary allowances, fringe benefits, benefits in kind and state social insurance conform to the parameters of the local market in which the employment contract is drawn up. There are also employment situations where an international pension solution would be expedient.

Special solutions may be found for executive board members, senior executives and – in exceptional cases – for members of the board of directors. These solutions are worth implementing when regulatory restrictions lead to a gap in pension coverage or when a personal situation must be taken into account. A special solution is also worth considering for international postings, as local systems are not set up for international employment situations, with the effect that a transfer may have negative consequences overall.

I have extensive experience in the Swiss system for social insurance, pension provisions and occupational benefit schemes. I am also expert in international pension and insurance solutions, which are essential when employees are deployed abroad. Furthermore, I am well versed in the pension regulations of several other countries, enabling me to evaluate specific situations.

Despite my comprehensive knowledge, I nevertheless consult internal or external specialists on issues relating to tax, social security, pension funds and other special areas. I can plan, prepare, coordinate, support and implement these processes in cooperation with specialists.

I do not provide actuarial assessments of pension schemes or insurance services.
  • Review the cost and appreciation of fringe benefits
  • Analyze existing plans of social benefits
  • Design flexible plans or programs
  • Define rules and issue regulations
  • Prepare and support a communication campaign on new benefits
  • Review international situations and propose suitable solutions
  • Compare insurance and retirement benefits between different jurisdictions
  • Make social benefits available for the events of international employment