Data privacy statement

Version January 2021.

Welcome to the Website (website MPF). This website is made available by MPF Compensation Services Ltd. (MPF). Please give the following privacy statement your best attention. Thank you.

The privacy statement is an integral part of the terms of use, which you can access from the homepage of the website MPF next to the link to this page. The use of this website MPF and the included webpages implies that you agree to the privacy statement. If this is not the case, we kindly ask you to discontinue the use of website MPF and leave it without delay. MPF refers to the terms of use.

Data privacy and protection is important to MPF and MPF would like you to use the website MPF, including the single pages, secure and without reservations. MPF complies with the legal provisions of the protection of private data.

You may visit the webpage MPF and all included webpages without giving information about your personal data or your company.

If gathering of personal information is intended, MPF will advise you and ask you to agree explicitly. In these cases, MPF is concerned that your data, which you will send, is protected and handled confidentially.

If you send MPF personal data by Internet, E-mail, or any other electronic way, they will only be used for the indicated purposes. Data transfer to third parties is excluded, unless consent is given to MPF, unless the use for the indicated purpose includes forwarding to third parties.

MPF has taken commercially appropriate technical, organizational, and other measures in order to protect data from unauthorized access as well intended or unintended loss, manipulation, or destruction. This statement further applies to all information MPF may receive within the bounds of the use of the website MPF.

MPF assures you that the moment data arrives at MPF it will be given protection, confidential treatment, and exclusive use for the specified purpose.

This privacy statement is related to the use of the website MPF and the webpages made available. The statement does not apply to the use of websites of third parties, which may be linked to the website MPF. MPF has no control of the protection and handling of data by third parties. In these cases, please refer to the privacy statements on the websites of third parties.