Compensation systems
for managers and employees
from principles to systems and rules
We analyze, evaluate, develop, plan, design, create, set out, support, implement …
  • Compensation strategy and policy
  • Compensation systems and components
  • Total compensation (total reward) structure
  • Incentive systems with performance-based variable compensation, both short- and long-term
  • Compensation comparison (benchmarking), market analyses and positioning
  • Job evaluation
  • Communication strategies and instruments
  • Compensation rules and procedures
  • Employment contracts and integrated compensation arrangements
New ways of working, agile organizational formats, globalization, digitalization, artificial intelligence and many more factors will change the world of work and are summarized here under the buzzword “future of work”.

The future of work will also reform the exchange of work for money. New ways of compensating and rewarding people are required.
This area includes knowledge of compensation systems for the various functional levels of managers and employees within the organization that report to the executive committee. In some companies, the higher levels of managers are referred to as executives. In our definition only the compensation for the executive management appointed by the board falls under executive compensation.

We provide support for HR/compensation management teams at local and international companies in operational or strategic compensation activities. Thanks to many years of experience in corporate practice and consultancy, we have extensive expertise and management knowledge. Compensation for international management teams is one of our core strengths, as are compensation systems for all other employees. In many cases, these systems are the same, with differences in terms of structure and a lower or higher share of variable compensation depending on the individual.

We do not provide our own comparative data on compensation. For compensation or market comparisons, we use your data or acquire data from third parties. For market comparisons, we focus chiefly on the quality, relevance and applicability of data. We offer added value by performing a critical assessment of the data and its usage.

Our work in this field is closely interlinked with our expertise in participation programs and international compensation. Please read the descriptions in these sections for more information. In many companies, compensation for upper management levels (vice presidents, directors, senior managers, etc.) is determined and monitored by the executive committee in order to ensure compliance with uniform principles and internal governance.
  • Ideas for new compensation approaches, “Future of Reward”
  • Design of new, alternative, effective incentive bonus systems
  • Develop and implement a compensation strategy
  • Implement and support the easy evaluation of jobs
  • Review compensation systems, structures and rules
  • Assess the effectiveness and compliance of systems
  • Design, programs, plans and systems
  • Prepare a communication campaign with respect to changes or new objectives
  • Set out compensation rules in employment contracts and plan documents