Human Resources management
Compensation systems in a professional,
integrated HR management
We analyze, evaluate, develop, plan, design, create, set out, support, implement …
  • Professional, modern and integrated HR management
  • Alignment of compensation, performance and talent management
  • Integration of compensation management in HR processes and systems
  • Human capital management
  • International HR management
  • Strategic alignment of HR management
  • HR governance
  • The role of HR in the future
In the future, the relationship between employees and employers, i.e. people and organizations, will change substantially.

As consequence, the roles, activities, structures, processes and technologies in HR will need to be adjusted. In view of this, HR needs to be prepared, effective and future-oriented, in order to react quickly to the changes ahead. New competences are required.
Human resources management (HRM) is tasked with ensuring that organizations and their employees fulfill their responsibilities and optimize performance. Employees are expected to perform at their best, and the organization is expected to provide the framework to achieve this. HRM has many different areas of responsibility. We focus on the areas relating to compensation management.

Employees receive compensation for their performance. Compensation specialists working in HRM ensure the level and structure is suitable, fair and motivating, and offers the right incentives. They also ensure that the compensation systems of the company are designed to attract the right talented individuals, and contribute to develop and retain them.

In this field, we provide support for HR, compensation management and/or talent management teams, or temporarily assume responsibility for HRM as a whole, a specific area or HR management processes. We help you to position your compensation management processes effectively within your company and HRM, and establish a strong link between the two. It is essential to align the processes relating to talent or performance management with those of compensation management. Thanks to many years of experience in corporate practice and consultancy, we have extensive expertise in this field.
  • Review of existing HR systems, instruments and processes and point out the need for action
  • Develop a new, forward-looking HR or people strategy
  • Align the total rewards strategy, people strategy and business strategy
  • Make use of job evaluation for competencies, recruitment, career planning, workforce planning
  • Develop and implement new HR competences