International compensation
for international and mobile employees
from specialists to executive management members
We analyze, evaluate, develop, plan, design, create, set out, support, implement …
  • Compensation of expatriated managers or specialists in various formats
  • Compensation of internationally operating talents
  • Policies and rules for international compensation of expatriated personnel or cross-border hires or assignments
  • International assignment policies
  • Calculations of gross or net compensation and other compensation-related values
  • Management of international assignments
  • Integration of assignment or mobility management in HR processes
  • Employment management companies, global employment companies
International compensation approaches are applied, if employees are transferred to international locations or hired from abroad into the local organization. In the past the classic approach was that international compensation was designed with a reference to the home country.

Nowadays a range of different approaches for compensating globally mobile employees are used. The segmented international assignment policies and the related compensation approaches give rise to higher complexity.
International compensation applies when a specialist or manager is temporarily deployed at a work site outside their own country where an employment contract is in effect. It may also apply when employees are sourced from a market abroad and employed at a domestic site, and where the compensation level has to be amended. International compensation therefore relates to international recruitment with employment in a domestic location (international local hire). Other international forms of compensation apply to other cross-border employment or work situations.

We provide support for the HR, compensation or mobility management team at international companies in this area. Alternatively, we assume responsibility for management, implementation and operations. Thanks to many years of experience in corporate practice and consultancy, we have extensive expertise and leadership experience in this field.

We may consult internal or external specialists on tax, social security and other matters associated with international employment. We can plan, prepare, coordinate, support and implement these processes with specialists. We work with your service providers on interim tasks.

Management of international employment activities is connected to other specialist compensation issues (e.g. HRM), making this an interdisciplinary area of focus. It may also involve participation programs, compensation systems or executive compensation. Members of management and the board may be deployed internationally, leading to the added complexity of executive compensation.
  • Analyze the practice of international compensation with respect to effectiveness and cost
  • Develop compensation approaches for different categories of assignees
  • Define a compensation strategy for internationally mobile employees
  • Define, document policies and rules and edit regulations
  • Prepare the communication of changes, solutions, rules and policies
  • Complete a risk analysis with respect to gaps of compliance with rules or provisions and ensure conformity
  • Evaluate the need to create individualized solutions in social benefits and allowances