Interim management
We build bridges to cover shortages or gaps
Circumstances led to a point where you do not have the resources to fill compensation management positions or enact the changes you have lined up. Even though this situation may be temporary, you nevertheless want to make sure that all managerial responsibilities and requirements continue to be fulfilled.
Our expertise and experience qualify us to assume responsibility on a transitional basis in any or all areas of global compensation and benefit management.

You will have a senior manager with the relevant know-how and managerial experience to fill temporarily a role or to carry out strategically and operatively important undertakings.
Benefits to you: a demand-based, independent solution to temporarily available team or management capacity, covering the required levels of know-how, experience, and seniority.
We take on responsibilities ourselves within your organization on a temporary basis, and can work for you in an operational or strategic capacity. We do not provide or place interim managers or specialistes.

Needs and challenges you may have

You are temporarily unable to draw on any resources for management tasks in compensation. Your managers are busy with other duties or are absent. You are encountering staffing shortages. Resignations have put you on the spot, and you do not have time to find staff to fill the positions. Your organization is being restructured and you do not want to hand out any permanent contracts. However, you want to ensure continuity, and essential management tasks in compensation and benefits need to be completed.

You want to be able to draw on essential expertise of an experienced manager to take care of specific or all management responsibilities. A temporary management solution can also be used to implement your one-off, strategically critical
projects or plans; e.g. in conjunction with a turnaround or succession plan.

Services we provide

We temporarily take over management tasks and assume responsibility relating to our areas of proficiency.

Our technical and managerial expertise can be implemented across all levels of the management structure; for example, compensation expert in HR, head of global compensation & benefits, head of compensation for top executives, head of global equity programs, etc.

These management skills and knowledge have to be put into action quickly and generate results; thus, extensive experience in the relevant fields is essential. We have these skills, knowledge and experience. Dealing with a new situation temporarily calls for a high degree of flexibility and strong social skills from the interim manager in action. This is what we can offer you as part of a temporary mandate.

Our interim management services, which are based on the highest level of subject-matter specialization and extensive experience in the given areas, are unique. They feature the following characteristics:
  • Proven, highly specialized expertise
  • Interdisciplinary experience and knowledge in all areas of the reward function and related disciplines
  • Local (Switzerland) and international practice
  • Management and leadership experience across the entire function and in sub-areas
  • Operative and strategic compensation management
  • Practice in small, medium and large companies
The following personal skills are the key to success in interim assignments:
  • Problem solving
  • Integration
  • Independence
  • Social skills
  • Decisiveness
  • Empathy
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Ability to judge objectively