Management support
We work at your side – so that you achieve your goals
For when you need support in compiling your annual compensation report, realizing change, addressing compensation matters in an acquisition or merger, completing the communication of your compensation strategy or simply resolving a difficult task.
We provide expert help for all managerial tasks and assist you to the extent they get resolved successfully. We make ourselves available to you whenever you need assistance finding a solution or implementing a strategy. 
You will get specialist assistance in the preparation or implementation of critical management decisions or in other managerial tasks, whether in terms of a person of trust, sparring partner or technical expert.
Benefits to you: an experienced, independent, committed, international senior manager whose personality and expertise will provide full support for your tactical or strategic undertakings.
These responsibilities are top-level issues. If you are looking for support because the time, resources or experience are not available, we can be at your service.
Needs and challenges you may have

You have tasks that call for specific expertise in our areas, efficient systematic implementation or a neutral analysis and assessment. You are not simply looking for a consultant – you need a trusted individual who commits to working with you personally and possibly on your premises.

You want professional support, somebody to share the workload, and expertise in preparing documents on compensation for executive bodies within the legal standards.

You have your doubts as to whether your systems are consistent with the strategy and whether your compensation levels are in line with the market and comply with regulatory provisions or legislation. This is why you need an expert who can review and verify these aspects from a neutral standpoint.

Some of your specialists, talented individuals and managers are sourced from abroad, or you send them to work in foreign countries. You now have to work out the right international or local compensation, while keeping your costs under control and adhering to international regulations.

Services we provide

We provide personal, on-site support and assistance to executive bodies in small to large organizations. We have only one aim: to do our best for you.
We apply our specialist skills to help the board of directors, executive board, head of HR and/or compensation management team fulfill all duties relating to compensation management.

We help you to disclose compensation data and information pursuant to the ordinance against excessive compensation in listed companies (VegüV). We also assist with preparing information for meetings with investors (roadshows) and voting rights advisors, and for voting on compensation at the annual general meeting. We support you in the event that these obligations need to be met abroad as well.

We support you with key tasks where it is important to be independent, impartial and neutral. We perform analyses or inquiries, and establish a need for action and potential solutions based on the results. We serve as an external sparring partner and attentive listener, allowing us to highlight key points, consequences and solutions in relation to management decisions, or to offer a neutral perspective or voice of reflection.

We work at a tactical or operational level depending on the situation. For example, we draw up employment agreements for complex working and compensation arrangements, contract resolution and other contractual agreements.

Executive management or the board of directors may seek or request specialist support in decision-making processes and supervisory tasks related to compensation matters for a variety of reasons:
  • Partner/coach for handling special tasks
  • Second opinion, dialogue
  • Common reflections
  • Compliance check or audit
  • Communication
  • Neutral, independent assessment
  • Confidential documents
  • Preparation for important transactions
  • Contracts with compensation terms
  • Rules and regulations
  • Change management
  • Designing future strategies
  • Presentations