You can count on my experience


Good advice, whenever things get complicated or difficult.

You are looking for expert advice. For example, you may want to have your compensation system reviewed or create a stronger link between pay and performance.

I advise the compensation committee of the board on compensation systems for senior management and the board of directors as well as on compensation governance. I also advise company management, Human Resources or total rewards management.

You can count on an independent, impartial partner who listens, connects different aspects, gives open and clear feedback and supports discussion processes.

Benefits to you: advice based on corporate practice, knowledge, experience and personality, and – whenever it’s needed – a new perspective arising from critical questions and healthy debate.

I am a consultant with practical experience in corporate management and related operational responsibilities. Therefore I can provide advice for implementation and operational matters.


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Your company operates internationally, and your compensation systems and programs are used in different countries. You are responsible for their centralized or local implementation and management. Many of your challenges involve operations and processes abroad, and relate to international practices, efficiency, transparency, compliance and regulation. A lack of resources and increasing complexity exacerbate these issues.

Your board of directors and executive board are tasked with balancing the wishes of owners, shareholders and voting governance advisors, while observing laws, provisions and regulations. At the same time, you want to meet the demands of your talented workforce in terms of attractiveness, motivation, commitment and fairness, and you seek advice on how to do so. You are looking for a neutral, yet critical voice to contribute when working out simple, practical solutions. You value independent advice and the opinion of an experienced expert well versed in international matters and the requirements that go with them.