Project Management

Entrust your compensation projects to my leadership

Project Management

Impressive project results

Whether you are planning to implement a new compensation strategy; restructuring your equity management system; rolling out your LTI plan in other countries; or you are planning any other important undertaking.

I take responsibility in leading any project related to global compensation and benefit management, or I provide technical and methodical know-how to support such projects.

You will have an independent project leader at your side who, on the strength of experience, ensures clear processes and increases transparency so that the objectives are met effectively.

Benefits to you: leadership or support in the planning, development, implementation, and communication of important undertakings to see them through to a successful conclusion.

Projects may consist exclusively of search for and placing specialists and executives in the areas of Total Reward (Compensation & Benefits), particularly international talents.


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You have an objective you want to achieve. It is important to set out the critical points and complete them on schedule. The process is complex, multifaceted. It must be coordinated with other plans. You want to monitor your project’s progress and view partial results that need to be presented to the decision makers in your organization. Many interests are at stake, so intensive coordination with various internal and external partners is essential for progress and alignment.

Your in-house experts are unavailable or are absent. You need a project-lead with the abilities and experience to ensure your undertaking is successful.

Project work is ubiquitous when it comes to compensation management at your company. For you, effective project management is the key to success when implementing solutions, modifying systems, or carrying out strategic plans and bringing them to fruition.