Performance management

Measurement and evaluation of employee performance as well as alignment of performance with company objectives
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Performance management

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Management of the performance of employees and managerial staff is closely connected with compensation management. It is an important component of corporate management, which is geared towards improving performance. For senior executives, the link between performance and compensation is becoming more pronounced and needs to be proven accordingly (pay for performance).

Performance review systems are key diagnostic tools in development of a company’s workforce and organizational structure. These systems form the basis for compensation and highlight the development measures that can be taken. However, the systems can do this only if they meet demands in terms of the diagnostic quality of the appraisal, are used properly by managerial staff and are accepted by employees.

In this field, we provide support for HR, compensation management and/or talent management teams, or temporarily assume responsibility for the application of performance management and related processes. In the development of compensation systems for managing bodies, we help to establish a strong link between performance and compensation (drawing on our knowledge of executive compensation). Thanks to many years of experience in corporate practice and consultancy, we have extensive expertise in this field.
  • Design new approaches for the performance evaluation of employees
  • Review existing employee evaluation and rating systems
  • Selection of the most suitable process and system
  • Sever the link between compensation and performance evaluation
  • Design the new system as well as the new evaluation processes and draft the relevant rules
  • Support the change and transition from the old to the new system
  • Help communicate the new performance evaluation procedures and rules